Where to Find Free Redbox Codes

Free Redbox Codes to save you money on your rentals

Are you a big fan of Redbox like we are? It’s great to be able to rent movies for only a $1.50 a night and with all the locations they have you are bound to have one that is convenient for grabbing a movie or two on your way home!

We love how they have around 100 different movies to choose from in each box and that they mix them up from new blockbuster hits and some older movies as well. I’m a fan of horror movies too and Redbox never disappoints with the selection in the box.

However the best thing about renting movies from the Redbox is that you can often find free Redbox codes to save you some money!┬áThe best site for finding free Redbox codes is CouponDad.net. They always have the latest codes posted as well as a community that shares one time use codes that they aren’t using. You can get more information on how to get these codes, how to use the codes and how to joining the community and share codes on the site.

Here are some codes that are almost always available. Most of these are meant for first time renters but you can sometimes use them multiple times if you have a few email addresses to rent from.




To use these codes you just enter them when you are checking out at the kiosk. Some codes can be used when reserving the movie online or through the Redbox app as well.

Another way to grab some free Redbox codes is to sign up for their text messages. They tend to text only a couple times a month but they are usually a money saving code or letting you know about some new releases to hit the box.

Helpful Tips

  1. Make sure to return your movies by 9pm to avoid having to pay another day’s rental fees.
  2. New Releases are added tot he Redbox machines on Tuesdays. Some of the popular ones can be gone pretty quick so you will want to go early, reserve them online early or just wait a week or so and then they will be readily available.
  3. You can find Redbox locations near you at the Redbox site. Usually they are located outside drug stores, inside McDonalds or your local grocery store.
  4. Occasionally, like renting any movies, you may find a disc that is pretty scratched up and hard to watch. However just email Redbox customer support or reach out to the on Facebook and they will refund your money or give a code for another rental.

Redbox Digital

Redbox is also getting back into Digital streaming over the next year or so. You can download the Redbox Digital app already from the major app stores. However the service may not be available in your area yet for you to subscribe. As the service gets launched and we learn more we will be sure to update this post with more information.