Top 5 Pixar Movies that you must see

In all of Pixar’s history from starting in 1979, all 16 of their featured films have left their mark on us. Finding Dory, already released in theaters, has given all Pixar fans high expectations. But which of these movies can claim top 5? Here we do our best to review the best of Pixar’s creations.

#5 The Incredibles (2004)

Whats it really like to be a family with superpowers? The Incredibles movie will show you all the ups and downs of dealing with the responsibility of being a superhero. On the surface the movie shows how a family is torn by society who doesn’t feel like hero’s are necessary to have. With the big picture in mind this movie actually tells that we as people limit our full potential based on what others feel. This movie gives great feedback on what being a superhero means in comics and being on in real life and one life lesson I learned is that good hero’s don’t wear capes.

#4 Toy Story (1-3)  (1995, 1999, 2010)

We put all the Toy Story movies in one bundle because otherwise this wouldn’t be a wide variety of top 5 Pixar movies. The impact of Toy Story is what earns itself on this list. Go to any Disney theme Park and shout “Andy’s coming!” and see what happens. This movie captures what every child has gone through when playing with their toys, we bring them to life. The importance in a  relationship between a child and their toy shows an impact in Andy and us as well when we  look back on our own toys of our childhood, for me it was Pokemon, we remember that they were just like real friends. I wonder if I would be the same person. Toy Story will hit your heartstrings and will always want you coming back to play again.

#3 Finding Nemo (2003)

A story about the bond between a parent and their child.  Pixar went above and beyond with this movie. Everyone know who Nemo is, every child has made jokes about touching the “butt”, and everyone has heard the familiar but annoy scream of thousand “Mine!”. This movie taught me to just keep swimming when the going gets rough.

Watch the Finding Nemo Trailer below!

#2 Brave (2012)

Merida is no doubt the second most independent of the Disney Princess, Mulan coming first. She knows what she wants in life and she will do what it takes reach it. However things go wrong and Merida takes full responsibility for her actions. Many people think the lack of a powerful supervillian was a turn off for the movie but everyone forgets in real life, nature and your own mistakes can be your greatest adversary.

#1 Wall-E (2008)

Wall-E is the most adorable, though provoking, and emotional movie of our decade. We as a human race get to see what our actions can cause and what it can turn us into. Wall-E who was programmed to simply to compact trash is given the chance to save human existence. This movie also shows the power if AI (artificial intelligence) and how it can both hinder and help humanity. But this movie isn’t really about the humans, its about a robot who simply wants to find his friend. This movie is a must see for any human being.