Top 10 Disney Movies Of All Time

We all love Disney movies but what are some of the best? Here we try to list the top 10 Disney movies of all time. Now keep in mind that its was extremely difficult to decide which films made it the list and where they are placed. Disney has too many classics to boil down into top definitive ten but that just shows who wonderful Disney movies are.

#10 Peter Pan (1953)

Peter Pan is  was the fourteenth animated Disney film to make it to theaters. The reason why is it on our top ten is because of its wonderful storytelling on a challenge everyone has to go through which is growing up. We find our childhood spirit in Peter Pan and realize that just growing up doesn’t mean you have to lose your dreams. Peter Pan is still a big influence on people of this generation for example the song “Lost Boy” by Ruth B. still vividly tells the tale of flying with pixie dust. This reason why it is number 10 is because the story isn’t a Disney original, its based of the 1904 play by J.M. Barrie. However this doesn’t stop Disney from adding its own personal touch to the movie and the iconic TinkerBell will always be Disney’s greeter for many future films to come.

#9 The Hunchback of NorteDame (1996)

The Hunchback of Norte Dame is probably one of Disney’s most under rated films. Thats mostly likely because of the darker tone it presents in contrast to other Disney films. The musical score, animation, and voice acting all deserve a five star rating. The reason why its #9 on the list is because of its more serious plot. The movie does a marvelous job of capturing human cruelty while also focusing on human kindness as well. However the movie doesn’t do a good job of proving that the world is a better place then described by the evil Frollo. The townsfolk, city guard, and gypsies all show displays of cruelty toward Quasimodo which seems counterintuitive.

#8 Tangled (2010)

Tangled stars in Repunzel, the princess who doesn’t know she’s a princess stuck in a tower. Tangled is Disney princess released only one year after The Princess and the Frog.  However unlike other Disney princess movies, this one isn’t 2D animation. That is a big step forward for Disney and reflects the new 3D CGI world they are bringing to the screen. Its extremely difficult to tell whether or not Tangled would have been better as a 2D animation because the characters fit the environment  without losing that precious Disney feel.   The reason why this film made it to the top ten was because of its characters. Repunzel and Flynn Rider make amazing connections that feel real in this movie. Plus for a princess movie, Flynn helps bring a lot of guys to the audience. This was a amazing film whose plot and storytelling were able to ease my doubts because of its animation style. This movie would be a start point for two other CGI princesses movies such as Brave  and Frozen.

Here is the Tangled Movie Trailer.

#7 Pinocchio (1940)

Pinocchio is probably one the most the beloved Disney movies of all time. The song “If You Wish Upon A Star” alone was endearing enough to become Disney’s official theme song. The story of Pinocchio is Disney’s second animated release and initially wasn’t was popular as Snow White due to raising concerns about WWII. However this movie was re-released about every decade since its first screening and becomes more loved as time goes on. This movie is what inspirations children and adults alike to wish upon a star and become the change you want in the world.

#6 Aladdin (1992)

Aladdin is another Disney movie from the golden age. This movie is the perfect blend of hand drawn animation and CGI when it is used. The soundtrack and supporting character Genie are what make this film one for everyone to watch. The classic song “A Whole New World” along with “Friend Like Me” give this film its fun loving tone.

#5 Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Lilio and Stitch is Disney’s most profitable movie in terms of merchandise and spin offs. This kids movie is probably the most realistic Disney in terms of human relationship. The dynamics between Nani and Lilo are nothing but perfect. And who can forget Stitch? This little monster touches are hearts while he learns about the good in himself. This movies island life is captured beautifully and really sets the tone for the movies setting. This is a much watch for anyone.

#4 Zootopia (2016)

Zootopia is forever on my all time favorite movies. While watching this movie I completely forget I’m watching a movie at all. As a lover of cop shows and crime mysteries Zootopia doesn’t disappoint, I was questioning the culprit to the very end. But what makes this film so phenomenal is the relationship between Judy Hopps the bunny and Nick Wilde the fox. Finally the message of the movie really speaks to the audience: Never give up.

#3 Mulan (1998)

This is not your typical Disney Princess movie. Mulan is no princess, she is a warrior. Mulan can claim the title of Disney’s most strong and prominent female characters. Her desire to protect her family leads her to become the most famous woman in China. The animation of this film flows with its asian theme of simple but powerful. One of Disney’s most rememberable song ” I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” resonates with all its fans. Mulan is defiantly a proud moment in Disney history.

# 2 Lion King (1994)

With its famous intro alone of the sun rising on the plains of Africa, Disney’s Lion King is no doubt one of the worlds greatest movies of all time. All of the songs on the Lions King soundtrack are memorized by heart, at least to me. If you haven’t seen The Lion King, you haven’t seen life. With the most recognizable father figure in history, Mufasa, to everyones favorite villain, Scar this movie is an amazing coming of age tale with wonderful moments of comedy, romance and action.

Check out this great video of the Original Lion King scene called “The Circle Of Life”.

#1 Beauty and the Beast (1991)

This movie is what started the golden age of Disney films. This is also what I believe to be is a flawless love story. Unlike most Disney movies where the females falls in love with the prince at first sight, Beauty and the Beast show the reality of love and that true love takes time. It also shows that there is more then what lays on the skin. The true beauty of Belle is that she is beautiful but she doesn’t use it to her advantage.  Gaston, whom at first seems like the most likable guy turns into the bad guy and Beast who is seen as the bad guy becomes the good guy. It completely turns over Disney’s usually rules of a princess movie without losing its charm which is why it deserves to be number one.